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Concrete polishing machine is used to produce a smooth finish on flat surfaces for free movement floors. Free movement floors refer to areas where materials handling equipment operate in random, non-defined directions and have an infinate number of travel paths.

1.This series of machine with the multifunctional plate which with magnetic, it’s suitable for all kinds of pads, blade, like velcro-back or metal wheel.
2.Double plate with 6 pieces heads, each time need fix 6 pieces pads (blades).

3.With vacuum cleaner connector could install a vacuum cleaner outside.

4.It with water tank can wet and dry grinding.

5.It’s apply to marble, granite, terrazzo, concrete floor, natural stone floor and rostone floor etc.

6.20KGS addition weight increase the machine weight could promote the work efficiency and effect.

7.It’s easy to control and has stable performance.


Type: MRK-V6-220B


Power: 5hp 

Inverter: 5hp/3.7KW

Speed: 0-1500 rpm 

Work Area: 310×550mm2 

Grinding discs: 2pcs (6 discs)

NW: 170+20kgs (Add weight)

GW: 210KGS