SikaCeram®-188 MY

SikaCeram®-188 MY is a high performance, thin layer,
cementitious tile adhesive, supplied ready to use with
the addition of water, for bonding ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and mosaics of every type of floors and
SikaCeram®-188 MY is a product used for bonding
ceramic tiles in continuous thin layers, up to 10 mm
thick. Due to its excellent adhesion, it can be used in
situations where traditional tile adhesives for bonding
tiles are not suitable due to the type of tile, the substrate or the specific job situation / location.
SikaCeram®-188 MY is suitable to bond the following
types of tile:
▪ Ceramic, porcelain, homogeneous tiles
▪ All type of low and high absorption tiles
SikaCeram®-188 MY can be used on substrates including:
▪ Concrete and mortar
▪ Bricks
▪ Tiled surfaces (walls and floors)
▪ Large size tiles
▪ Under floor heating
Interior painted walls – if the paint coating is well
bonded and sound

SikaCeram®-188 MY can be used on walls and floors,
internally or externally.