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Light Weight yet heavy duty, Versatility, functionality and flexibility of use are the key features of the Combi 250VA. This Tile, Stone, Paver Bridge saw is a must quality accurate work.



The Imer Combi 250VA 600mm is a light weight yet strong and powerful Tile, Paver and Stone cutting Bridge Saw.This unique design is a modular design allowing the user to transport the machine in components to the required work area.Each component of the machine ways no more that 25 kgs due to aluminium chasis and abs uv stable plastic tray.

This machine is very popular with Tilers, Landscapers and builders.


  • High cutting capacity: the blade (suitable for all types of material to be cut) is driven lengthwise by the aluminium carriage with special guide, also made of aluminium
  • Gliding on 8 technopolymer wheels supported by 16 radial bearings
  • Movement by direct manual action
  • Blade positioning versatility: cuts vertically (90°) to the support surface or cuts in tilted position between 90° and 45° (depth adjustment is maintained in all positions)
  • Elimination of the cut surface splintering effect (glossy, enameled, glazed) thanks to the blade penetrating from the top down (the blade cuts first the enameled part and then the support material)
  • Cutting length max. 785 mm (permits diagonal cut of a tile of 500 mm on the side)
  • Max. cutting height 105 mm that can be carried out in two passes, thanks to the possibility of positioning the blade vertically (66 mm with just one pass in a 90° position)
  • Positioning the cut at 45° in just 10 sec. without the help of any tool
  • Electrical system protected from accidental starting and overload
  • Direct transmission of the motor power to the blade
  • Continuous flow of water to the cutting blade by an electric pump and adjusted by a special valve in order to provide correct cooling and an optimum cut
  • All parts in direct contact with water are made of anodised or die-cast extruded aluminium, treated with antioxidant process for total protection from corrosion
  • Great sliding and cutting precision: sliding components of the cutting head with wheels mounted on sealed ball bearings
  • Maximum reliability and sturdiness: cutting surface made of anodised extruded aluminium, cutting carriage of die-cast aluminium and sliding bar of extruded aluminium for less maintenance and great precision
  • Maximum compactness and ease of transport thanks to the tray handles
  • Protractor with large support surface: both large pieces (up to 600 mm) and tiny pieces (up to 10 mm) can be positioned
  • Optional side cutting surface for extending the cut by 240 mm: easy to apply, it is supported by a bracket screwed onto the stand


  • Versatility, functionality and flexibility of use are the basic features of the Combi 250VA, the portable water-cooled saw for cutting ceramic, stone materials, bricks and stone
  • Lightweight and compact, it ensures maximum cutting precision thanks to its user-friendly structure and the accessories that come with it

Standard Equipment:

  • Single-phase 230V/50Hz electric motor, 1.1 kW
  • IP 55 switch
  • IP 67 plug
  • Cutting guide
  • Blade Ø 250 mm
  • Protractor with large cutting surface
  • Anodised extruded aluminium cutting surface 240 mm
  • Shatter-resistant plastic tray to contain and recover water
  • Stand

Optional Accessories:

  • Side cutting surface
  • Blade Ø 250 mm for ceramic – continuous rim
  • Blade Ø 250 mm for stoneware – continuous crown
  • Blade Ø 250 mm for bricks/tiles – sectors – s. laser
  • Blade Ø 250 mm for granite – sectors – s. laser
  • Blade Ø 250 mm for cement/roof tiles/sandstone – sectors – s. laser
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