Sika Poxitar® F

ថ្នាំអេប៉ុកសុីញីឈ្មោលសម្រាប់លាបការពារដែក និងបេតុង

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Resistant 2-pack coating of low solvent content based
on an epoxy-anthracene oil-combination with mineral
Low solvent content according to Protective Coatings
Directive of German Paint Industry Association
(VdL-RL 04).
Sika Poxitar® F may only be used by experienced professionals.
Protective coating for concrete and steel, for buried
and submerged structures, e.g. sewage systems,
chemical industry etc.
Also suitable where application onto damp concrete is
Not suitable for surfaces in contact with drinking water, housing, stables etc.
After complete curing Sika Poxitar® F is:
▪ Tough hard, heavy duty
▪ Abrasion and impact resistant
▪ Excellent resistance to water and chemicals
Sika Poxitar® F can be exposed to water immediately
after application. But take into consideration that
solvents get into the water which leads to temporary
contamination. Immediate exposure to water should
therefore only be considered in special cases and after
consulting the authorities for the protection of environment.