Sikafloor®-264 HC

ថ្នាំទ្រនាប់អេប៉ុកសុី សម្រាប់លាបធ្វើជាកម្រាល



Sikafloor®-264 HC is a two part, coloured epoxy resin.
Sikafloor®-264 HC may only be used by experienced
Sikafloor®-264 HC is used as:
Roller coat for concrete and cement screeds with
normal up to medium heavy wear e.g. storage and
assembly halls, maintenance workshops, garages and
loading ramps.
▪Seal coat for broadcast systems, such as multi-storey
and underground car parks, maintenance hangars
and for wet process areas, e.g. beverage and food industry
▪ Good chemical and mechanical resistance
▪ Easy application
▪ Liquid proof
▪ Gloss finish
▪ Slip resistant surface possible
Particle emission certificate Sikafloor-264 HC CSM
Statement of Qualification – ISO 14644-1, class 4–
Report No. SI 0904-480 and GMP class A, Report No.
SI 1008- 533.
▪Outgassing emission certificate Sikafloor-264 HC:
CSM Statement of Qualification – ISO 14644-8, class
6,5 – Report No. SI 0904-480.
▪Good biological Resistance in accordance with ISO
846, CSM Report No. 1008-533
▪Fire classification in accordance with EN 13501-1, Report-No. 2013-B-2119/01, MPA Dresden, Germany,
June 2013.
▪2-part epoxy roller and seal coat according to EN
1504-2: 2004 and EN 13813:2002.