SikaSwell® -P




Product Description
Sealing profiles which swell in contact with water.
To seal:
 Construction joints
 Pipe and steel work penetrations through walls and floor slabs
 Construction joints in precast concrete
 Construction joints in tunnel segments
 Construction joints in cable ducts, etc.
 Around all types of penetrations through concrete
Characteristics / Advantages
 Easy to apply
 Can be applied on different substrates
 With protective coating to avoid premature swelling
 Highly economical
 Swells in contact with water
 Water resistant
 No hardening time required
 No welding required
 Adaptable to fit many different detailing tasks
 Different types and dimensions available
Approval / Standards
STUVA: Water tightness test (October 99).
FH Aachen: Test of resistance to ageing (06.07.01).
PSB Corporation: Testing of hydrophilic sealing profiles (15.08.02).
Hygiene-Institut Gelsenkirchen: Scientific examination according to water-hygienic aspects (14.10.03).