F50 CONSET pneumatic nail gun Wood- កាំភ្លើងបាញ់ដែកគោល ឈើរ​​ (F50)10-50mm


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CONSET F50 Pneumatic Nail Gun

  1. Strong and lightweight die-cast body
  2. 2.Comfortable rubber grip
  3. 3.Lightweight and strong aluminum magazine
  4. Single foot nail

■Application scope

1. Carpentry decoration partition
2. Furniture repair
3. Table, chair and cabinet assembly and renovation
4.Door and window repair

■Wire diameter: 1.25 x 1.05mm

■Nail length: 15~50mm

■Nail quantity: 100 nails

■Working pressure: 60~100 PSI

■Weight: 1.5kg