GAS 15 WET/DRY EXTRACTOR – ម៉ូទ័រប៉ូមធូលី


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The Hazard-free wet & dry vacuum cleaner

  • Innovative dustbag holding system, both universal house-hold and professional dustbag compatible
  • Semi-automatic filter cleaning system: For higher performing efficiency and longer filter lifetime
  • Blowing operation can be enabled additionally with a separately purchased hose


Additional data

Rated input power 1,100 W
Weight 6 kg
Container volume, net 10 l
Container volume, gross 15 l
Container volume, net, water 8 l
Filter surface area 2,300 cm²
Max. airflow rate (turbine) 53 l/s
Max. vacuum pressure (turbine) 270 mbar
Wheels, number 4


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