Ingco HCBK0202 Chain Block, 2 Ton – កៅឡាក់ 2T កំពស់ 3m


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The Ingco HCBK0202 Chain Block is a heavy-duty tool designed for lifting and lowering substantial loads with precision and stability. With a rating lift weight of 2 tons, a lift height of 3 meters, and several features, this chain block is ideal for demanding material handling tasks.


  • 2 Ton Capacity: The chain block is rated to lift weights of up to 2 tons, making it suitable for a wide range of lifting applications.
  • 3m Lift Height: With a lift height of 3 meters, the chain block provides ample range for lifting operations.
  • Number of Load Chain: Equipped with 1 load chain, the chain block ensures reliable lifting and lowering.
  • Hook to Hook Distance: The hook to hook distance is 485mm, offering flexibility in positioning.
  • Chainpull to Lift Full Load: The chainpull required to lift the full load is 335 N, ensuring controlled lifting operations.
  • Net Weight: With a net weight of 19.5kg, the chain block is robust and can handle heavy loads.
  • Packaging: The Ingco HCBK0202 Chain Block is packaged in a wooden case for protection and secure storage.

Whether you’re involved in construction, manufacturing, or other heavy-duty industries, the Ingco HCBK0202 Chain Block is a crucial tool for material handling. Its robust build, reliable performance, and array of features make it suitable for lifting tasks that demand precision and stability. Incorporate this Ingco chain block into your equipment to ensure efficient and safe lifting operations.



Feature Details
Model HCBK0202
Type Chain Block
Rating Lift Weight 2 Ton
Lift Height 3m
Number of Load Chain 1
Hook to Hook Distance 485mm
Chainpull to Lift Full Load 335 N
Net Weight 19.5kg
Packaging Packed by Wooden Case


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