PU3106 CONSET Inject grout-Water soluble – ទឹកថ្នាំ PU បាញ់ស្នាមប្រះ


CONSET 3106 does not contain any solvent, it is single Polyurethane Chemical,
When CONSET 3106 touches water, it inflates immediately.
CONSET 3106 Chemical Reacts with any water.
Its greatest feature is that in addition to its high strength, it also able to maintain a
high degree of elasticity, is a stretchable waterproof material.

1. When CONSET 3106 touch water, it will inflate immediately expands to form a
2. Low Inflate rate.
3. Can be reacted with 1-4 times water.
4. Highly elastic.
5. Good for resist Chemical.
6. It can work in drinking water area. CONSET 3106 has environmental protection
Suitable Range:
1. To Seal wet concrete crack.
2. To block leak of water and seal wet seam.
3. To use for the flowing groundwater with pressure area crack.
4. For larger expansion rate of underwater structures.
5. For stop water leaking of construction cracks.

Appearance Yellow
Solid 80-85% ASTMD 1010
Density, g/ml 26Lb/ft
Mixing Ratio 0
Viscosity, cps 350-550cps
Weight per gallon 8.02lb ASTMD1683
Toxicity Non-toxic
Elongation,% 300-400%
Tensile Strength, psi psi 130psi
Storage 20°C 12 mont


Working Procedure:
1. Checking leak water area and make decision where to pour in CONSET 3106.
2. Drill hole and install Packer.
3. To pour CONSET 3106 into the crack area through Packer.
4. To pour CONSET 3106 into the crack area through Packer till CONSET 3106
overflow from the crack.
5. To remove the Packer and overflow CONSET 3106 after completely construction

Special Note:
1. CONSET 3106 complete harden is harmless.
2. Do not let Eyes skin to touch CONSET 3106 and do not suck in the gas of CONSET
3106 Please wear goggles and mask when using CONSET 3106.
3. When CONCET 3106 touches skin or eyes, please use generous water to wash
and go to doctor.
4. The receptacle cannot duplicate.