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Z HV is a ready for use admixture in powder form. Intraplast®
Z HV causes the cement mixture to expand before setting. By
formation of micro bubbles into the wet mix, volume is expanded and
fluidity is increased without segregation. Intraplast®
Z HV reduces the
separation of water (bleeding) from the mixture. It prevents premature
setting and allows a reducing in the amount of gauging water. Depending
on its dosage and the mix design features, it allows the production from
injection grout to thixotropic grout.

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Intraplast Z®HV is a special product for the production of grouting mortar,
backfilling mortar, and rock and soil anchoring. The use of Intraplast Z®
HV with the grouting mixture has the following advantages:
■ High final expansion up to 10% if the mixture is correctly designed
■ Non-shrink grout production even if sand is added into the grout
■ Improved fluidity and prolonged workability
■ Good compressive strength can be achieved even when high
expansion is required
■ Protective action against corrosion of the prestressing wires
■ Increased cohesion of the grout (thixotropic properties)
■ Volume expansion in the wet state
■ Protective action against corrosion of the rock bolts
■ Durable and dense filling of all cavities
■ Non-toxic and non-flammable
■ Grouting for sonic piles

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