Sherwood: Imiforce 20SCUnit – ទឹកថ្នាំសម្លាប់ និងការពារកណ្តៀរ


Sherwood: Imiforce 20SCUnit
ទឹកថ្នាំសម្លាប់ និងការពារកណ្តៀរ
Termite and insect prevention products. The active ingredient is Imidacloprid Classified as Non repellent. When spraying Imforce 20 SC, termites and insects cannot know that the chemical has been sprayed in that area. increase the likelihood of chemical exposure Slow-acting, resulting in drug delivery and continuous death in both termites and insects. The active ingredient imidacloprid is commonly used in insect control to address the problem of resistance to pyrethroid chemicals. It is also popularly used to get rid of bed bugs, which is currently a big problem for tourism.

( 1L លាយទឹក 400L )
1sqm ចាក់ 5L ទឹកថ្នាំលាយហើយ


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