Sikadur -Combiflex® SG -20 M 200

បន្ទះកៅស៊ូសម្រាប់បិតតាមតំណរបេតុង តំណររីករួមមាឌ ដែលមានគុណភាពខ្ពស់



The Sikadur-Combiflex®
SG-20 M 200 is a high performance joint and crack sealing
system for construction joints, expansion (movement) joints and connection joints or
cracks. The system allows variable and high levels of movement in one or more
directions, whilst maintaining a high quality watertight seal
The Sikadur-Combiflex®
SG system consists of a modified flexible Polyolefin (FPO)
waterproofing tape, with advanced adhesion properties and a range of different
special Sikadur®
epoxy adhesives for use in different types of applications and
Suitable for use in hot and tropical climatic conditions.
Uses The Sikadur-Combiflex®
SG-20 M 200 is used for sealing all types of joints and cracks
in many different structures and applications including:
 Tunnels and culverts
 Hydro electric power plants
 Sewage treatment plants
 Water retaining structures and drinking water reservoirs
 Around iron, steel and concrete pipes
 Swimming pools
Sealing of:
 Joints with extreme movement
 Building sections where varying settlement is expected
Characteristics /
 Advanced adhesion between the tapes and the adhesives, no activation of the
tapes is required on site
 Fast and easy to install
 Suitable for dry and damp concrete surfaces
 Extremely flexible
 Performs well within a wide range of temperatures
 Excellent adhesion to many different substrate materials
 Weathering and water resistant
 Available with normal and rapid hardening grades of the adhesive
 Root penetration resistant
 Good resistance to many different chemicals
 Versatile system suitable for many difficult situations