CPC777-3 Cordless hedge trimmer (with battery) SUMO – ម៉ូទ័រកាត់មែកឈើ 20V SUMO


  • Cordless hedge trimmer, 20 volt voltage, high efficiency.
  • Automatic lubrication function for chain plate and chain for fast cutting.
  • Chain tension adjustment knob Makes it possible to adjust the chain to be tight, tight, and does not eat up the wood.

    Cordless hedge trimmer (with battery) SUMO CPC777-3 20 volts

    Cordless hedge trimmer from SUMO, size 20 volts (product sold with battery and charger), chain tooth size 3/8 inches (9.52 mm), chain length 64 cm., continuous working time. 16 minute battery life (2.0 amps) ideal for trimming hedges and hedges. Or other ornamental plants that are small, medium and large that need to be at the same level. Can be used both inside the house office building or garden, etc. The blade is made from good quality steel. Helps make beautiful, smooth cuts with a motor system that can saw up to 3200 times per minute, helping you to work continuously and quickly.


Brand SUMO
Height (cm) 12
Width (cm) 210
Depth (cm) 10
Weight (kg) 3.76
WARRANTY 6 months
Power (Volts) 20
type wireless
Manual (yes/no) have
Blade length (cm) 64


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