GHG 18-60 HEAT GUN – ម៉ូទ័រផ្លុំកំដៅ


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Entry level perfect for light-duty application

  • Compact and handy: Removable protective pipe ensures convenience
  • Ease control: 3-step button for easy, one-handed working
  • Safe & comfortable usage: Insulation area prevents heat and soft grip is comfortable during use


Additional data

Rated input power 1800 W
Voltage, electrical 230 V
Weight 0.52 kg

Specifications, use

Working temperature 50 – 600 °C
Airflow 250 – 600 l/min

Noise/vibration information

Sound power level 77 dB(A)
Uncertainty K 3 dB

Total vibration values

Vibration emission value ah 1.5 m/s²
Uncertainty K 2.5 m/s²


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