HCBK0201 INGCO Chain Block, 1 Ton – កៅឡាក់ 1T កំពស់ 3m


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The Ingco HCBK0201 Chain Block is a reliable and robust tool designed for lifting and lowering heavy loads with precision and control. With a rating lift weight of 1 ton, a lift height of 3 meters, and a range of features, this chain block offers safe and efficient material handling.


  • 1 Ton Capacity: The chain block is rated to lift weights of up to 1 ton, making it suitable for a variety of lifting tasks.
  • 3m Lift Height: With a lift height of 3 meters, the chain block provides a substantial range for lifting operations.
  • Number of Load Chain: The chain block is equipped with 1 load chain, ensuring reliable lifting and lowering.
  • Hook to Hook Distance: The hook to hook distance is 383 mm, providing flexibility in positioning.
  • Chainpull to Lift Full Load: The chainpull required to lift the full load is 250 N, ensuring controlled lifting operations.
  • Net Weight: With a net weight of 12.2kg, the chain block is portable and easy to handle.
  • Packaging: The Ingco HCBK0201 Chain Block is packaged in a wooden case for protection and safe storage.



Feature Details
Model HCBK0201
Type Chain Block
Rating Lift Weight 1 Ton
Lift Height 3m
Number of Load Chain 1
Hook to Hook Distance 383 mm
Chainpull to Lift Full Load 250 N
Net Weight 12.2kg
Packaging Packed by Wooden Case


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